Prof. Julian Adenauer , Prof. Barbara Junge , Benedikt Weishaupt

Virtual Rundgang Weißensee 2020

SoSe 2020
Virtual Rundgang Weißensee 2020

Interdisziplinäres Entwurfsprojekt im Hauptstudium
Julian Adenauer, Barbara Junge, Benedikt Weißhaupt

“If we don‘t keep our knowledge spaces running, this Corona will soon eat our brain before it eats our body.” Ahmed Isamaldin Mohamed, student weißensee, VK – 14 March 2020

The cultural life stands still. Many institutions and art spaces have closed due to the Corona Pandemic, including the Weissensee Kunsthochschule. Particularly painful: several exhibitions at the university were abruptly cancelled – some exhibits are still waiting for transportation at the university, including the „Machines for Future“ exhibition in the Visual Communication Department.

Furthermore, the crisis is particularly affecting those who are already disadvantaged: artists and cultural institutions. Work equipment and rent must continue to be financed, many have no reserves at all. But the crisis can also have a positive effect: Skype, Mail or Zoom have long been doing a great job in enabling us to meet and exchange information despite the ban on contact. Ultimately, the universities are forced to digitise.

But what about the Rundgang? Many great works will be created at our university in the upcoming experimental semester. In the context of our cancelled exhibition, quickly the idea arose to exhibit despite everything, or better: exactly for that reason. FCK CRN. And we are not alone in this, many institutions offer interesting knowledge experiences during the pandemic with the help of the Internet. In this project we will look at how the Weissensee Rundgang can take place despite Corona. Let us see the crisis as an opportunity and develop innovative virtual formats for exhibitions and new forms of participation with visitors from all over the world.

About the process: We would like to take a very iterative and inclusive approach to this project. The project can be successful if we manage to involve many different art and design disciplines and also different formats. It is therefore important to understand the needs of the different departments and to take these into account in the concepts. We will also have to react flexibly to circumstances and changing rules for safety. For this purpose we will design and test completely different approaches, techniques and methods.

In addition, we do not want to spend the whole semester just working towards „the one big day“, but rather approach it step by step. We will consider concepts and formats, prototype them and try them out. Included will be the task of Corporate Identity, Communication / PR for the project and technical / artitic Input for designing and programming Web-Applications. At the end of the semester, we will be able to draw on a wealth of experience and use different formats for the final presentation.

Interactive storytelling, Corporate Identity, Streaming, Web3D, VR, AR, location based Media, Interface design, Prototyping, HTML and data-driven Design.

The meetings will take place on Monday, as needed also Wednesday.
Incom: kh-berlin.incom.org/workspace/1124

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