seekicks - agency in all creative practices

The SEEKICKS initiative is a new framework for creative entrepreneurism and open to everyone who would like to go from i would like to - to I know how to make a living from the things I am passionate about, the things I would like to change in the world without going crazy!


Story so far … 

Building on pioneering projects - seeUP and Design Farm - ‘seeKicks’ - is fostering new programmes and partnerships for students, alumni, researchers to shape an innovation ecosystem that inverts the current logic of innovation! …. 


One that hopes to … :

  • foster creative practice as agency

  • to shape better everyday lives 

  • by working with others ….

Don’t be shy - reach out :  lockwood(at)

Anastasia Zagorni, Eli Kitzerow, Joe Lockwood 

Andra Vaida, Birgit Effigner, Hanna Wiesner, Sophia Pompery