Change of name and/or gender status

Change of name and/or gender status for trans*, inter*, non-binary students

Are you trans*, inter* or non-binary and studying at khb? The name and gender entry you enrolled with doesn't match how you identify (anymore)? Would you like to change your name?

  • Gender diversity is lived reality

Gender diversity is a lived reality at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin. When trans*, inter* and non-binary students' own gender identification and name do not match the entries in our systems, discrimination can occur - sometimes unintentionally. An official change of gender status and name is a long process associated with many barriers. We want to support students in their right to gender self-determination.

  • Application for a name change -
    even without an official change of personal status:

weißensee kunsthochschule berlin allows students whose gender identity is not (yet) aligned with their legal gender to apply for a change of personal status and name even before the official registration. Students can submit an application for a change of gender status and an associated change of first name and, if applicable, last name to the Office of Student Affairs/Immatriculation and Examination Office.

  • What happens?

The Office of Student Affairs will arrange for the adjustments to be made in all internal systems. The university e-mail address will also be updated and a new student ID card with semester ticket will be created. Certificates and other documents will also be issued in the changed name. A binding document is issued which contains the ID card or passport number and certifies that the respective person is studying at weißensee kunsthochschule in order to bridge any discrepancies between the semester ticket, other documents and ID card/passport. A DGTI supplementary ID card can also be helpful ( 

  •   How do I change my university email address?

In Incom and Moodle, students can change their names and university email addresses themselves. In the computer studio and in the library, the change is not automatic - we will be happy to discuss the procedure here with you individually.

If needed, we can advise you or refer you to counseling services.