Study programs of weißensee academy of art berlin

The design departments: Fashion Design, Product Design, Textile and Surface Design & Visual Communication offer an 8-semester Bachelor's degree (240 CP), after which you can apply for the two-year Master's degree (120 CP).

The Fine Arts programs with courses of study in: Painting, Sculpture, and Stage and Costume Design cover a standard study period of ten semesters and you graduate with a diploma (300CP).

All undergraduate degree programmes start with a one-year artistic and creative foundation course. urse.

In addition, two further (fee-based) Master's programmes are offered at the art academy: Master of Spatial Strategies (4 semesters) and Master of Art Therapy (6 semesters).

Die Study Regulations of all departments can be found here!



Structure of the study program

The entire course is modular in structure; the modules and their contents can be found in the study handbook. Furthermore, the course is divided into two study sections: the first four semesters are used to acquire basic specialist knowledge and methods and conclude with an intermediate examination. The second part of the course builds on this by deepening and broadening your knowledge, and there are also freely selectable modules that promote interdisciplinarity.

The first study phase concludes with the intermediate examination. It consists of compulsory and compulsory elective module examinations. The second study phase concludes with the Bachelor's examinations in the subject areas of design and the graduate examinations in the subject areas of fine arts. These consist of the compulsory and compulsory elective examinations, the Bachelor's or graduate thesis, the presentation and the colloquium for the Bachelor's or graduate thesis. Only those who have completed all the preliminary examinations are admitted to the Bachelor's or graduate thesis. After passing the examination, the academic degree "Bachelor of Arts" is awarded in the subject areas of design; in the subject areas of fine arts, the graduate certificate of the weißensee kunsthochschule berlin is awarded.