Office of Study Affairs

Closing times in the Student Affairs Office

Closing times in the Office of Student Affairs during the semester break

During the semester break, the staff of the Department of Study Affairs will not be available at all times.

However, it is guaranteed that a member of staff is always available.

Office Hours

During the semester break there are irregular personal office hours. Please contact us by phone or even better by email!


Head of the Department of Study Affairs and International Office:
Leoni Adams

Phone: +49 30 47705 -232
Consultation hours: Thu 13 - 15 h and by appoinment

E-Mail: international(at)

  • International affairs (Erasmus, Incomings, Outgoings, partner universities, language certificate
     visa issues and related confirmations etc.)
  • Problems with graduation, acute difficulties with studies
  • Campusmanagementsystem


Study Administration Office / Examination Office:
Graziella Sulis

Phone: 030 47705 -312, Room A 1.04
E-Mail: pruefungsamt(at)

Office hours:
Monday: 09-13 h
Wednesday: 13-15 h
Thursday: 13-16 h

Availability by telephone: usually also available during office hours.
Mobile work: Tuesday

  • examinations formalities
  • Printout study documentation/ Transcript of Records
  • Graduation procedure (registration/admission to graduation BA, MA, Diploma and Theory thesis )
  • "Meisterschüler_in"-Studies


Examination Office/ Submission of study books, module certificate:
Nhung Le Phuong, Gifty Amoateng (student assistants)

Room A1.05, Tel. 030 47705 -269
Open hours:Tue 12 - 15 h, Thu 14 - 17 h

E-Mail: pruefungsamt(at)

  • Submission of module certificates, study record book (copies)
  • printout list of grades/ study documentation/ Transcript of Records
  • all forms are available here


Student Administration Office / Admissions Office:
Nadine Zeculis und Jamie Spalt

Phone 030 47705 -212
Open hours: Mo 9 - 12 h, Tue/Thu 13 -16 h

E-Mail: ref-stud(at)

  • Re-registration (Student ID/Semesterticket etc.)
  •  Admission, matriculation, de-registration (exmatriculation)
  • Part-time study
  • Health Insurance
  • Guest auditors
  • Semester of leave


Student and applicant guidance/
Representative for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses
Susan Lipp & Friederike Schwemin

Phone: 030 47705 -342
Telephone consultation hours: Tue - Thu 10 - 15 h, Tue until 17 h
Consultation hours: Tue 14 - 17 h and Thu 10 - 12 h and by appoinment

E-Mail: studienberatung(at)

  • Application procedure, aptitude test, admission requirements
  • Study orientation and study organisation
  • general student advisory service
  • Studying with child(ren)
  • Studying with disability or chronic illness


Study reform, scholarships and alumni_ae representative:
Brigitte Dierker

Phone: 030 477 05 -246,
Telephone consultation: Tue-Thu 10:00-15:00 h

E-Mail: stud1(at)

  • Scholarships, Deutschlandstipendium
  • Outgoings (applications, nomination etc.))
  •  Internships abroad
  • Alumni_ae


Study Organization/ CMS Campus Core Management System:
Friederike Schwemin

Phone: 030 477 05 -324,
Telephone consultation: Tue - Thu 10:00 - 15:00 h

E-Mail: stud2(at)

  • Study organization
  •  CMS - Support / Assistance
  • general student advisory service


*foundationClass/ Studienberatung für Menschen mit Fluchthintergrund:
Katharina Kersten

Tel. +49-30 47705 305
Telephone consultation: Tue-Thu 10:00 - 15:00 h

E-Mail: foundationclass(at)

  • Information on the one-year study programme
  •  Application and admission procedure *foundationClass
  • Support




Questions and answers about study and teaching during pandemic times

The Weissensee Helpdesk helps and informs during the digital/hybrid semesters.

Here you can get help with digital teaching and studying and much more well sorted information:

Erfassung von Studienleistungen in Covid-19 Pandemiezeiten: Informationen für Lehrende

  • alle Studienleistungen, die noch nicht in Studienbuch oder Modulbescheinigung eingetragen und den Studierenden übergeben wurden, bitten wir in "Notenlisten" pro Kurs/Lehrveranstaltung einzutragen. Bitte senden Sie Ihre Notenlisten per Email an: pruefungsamt(at)
  • Studienleistungen /Anrechnungen von Studienleistungen für einzelne Studierende, können Sie uns gern formlos per Email an:pruefungsamt(at) senden.
  • Studienabschlussprüfungen sind weiterhin in den bekannten Protokollen zu erfassen und können solange die Hochschule geschlossen bleibt ebenso per Email an pruefungsamt(at) übermittelt werden.