Fine Arts/ Painting

Information and deadlines for portfolio submission

  • After successful online registration (1 Nov - 12 Dec) for the admission test, you will receive the link to the upload portal as well as all necessary instructions for digital  portfolio submission.
  • Digital portfolio submission deadline: March 31 2023
  • Based on your work, the next step is to decide on admission to the entrance exam.
    The entrance examination will take place on 5 + 6 June 2023 at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin.
  • If you pass the digital pre-selection, you will receive further information on the entrance examination in the invitation letter at the beginning of May 2023.

MALEREI & BILDHAUEREI offene Mappenberatung 9.12.22 ab 14 Uhr

Leider können wir keine Bewerber_innen für die Mappenberatung mehr annehmen.
Falls Sie bis zum 30.11. eine Mail an die Tutorinnen geschrieben haben und noch kein Zugangslink erhalten haben, melden Sie sich bitte mit ihr gesendeten Mail bei Susan Lipp.



Notes on the digital portfolio in the department of Painting

  • Please only as PDF! Please label the PDF with your name and application number.
  • Maximum 30 pages. The recommended size of the PDF is 25 MB (maximum file size 30MB).
  • At least 25 own artistic works on maximum 30 DIN A4 pages. 
  • Please indicate date, technique and dimensions: These can be illustrations of drawings, paintings, photographs, collages, individual pages from sketchbooks, three-dimensional works or sketches. The drawing has a high priority. In principle, you are free to decide on the format and method of working.
  • (Audio-visual work samples, such as videos and animations should not exceed a total length of 5 minutes and, if necessary, be presented as a compilation of concise excerpts.
  • The selected works are intended to give an insight into your previous working methods and art conception. Choose only the works that are important to you. Only in this way you can making personality and competence visible.
  • The portfolio should also contain a short description of your personal motivation for studying painting / fine arts. Maximum half a A4 page (1500 characters including spaces). 
  • Please enclose a list of the works you have submitted as well as a short CV with the PDF.
  • You do not have to pay any additional costs to have your portfolio professionally digitized! Just use your smartphone or a photo camera to document your work!