MA-Fashion Design


Online portfolio with min. 15 of your own artistic/design works

    •  Please submit your online portfolio in PDF format.

    •  PDF size: DinA4 and max. 8 MB.

    •  Please limit the number of pages to 30 pages.

    •  Show us the work you consider to be particularly important in your course of your studies so far, including your thesis. We are interested in understanding the way you work understand, please also let us participate in the work process.

    •  We ask for very brief, keyword-like info on each paper such as. Date of origin and context in which the work was created. In case of group work, please name co-authors.

    • If it is a supervised work, please name the supervising person(s) or course/project/institution.

    Master Proposal

      •  Please submit a justified and thoroughly described Master Proposal.

      •  In it, please describe your thematic focus and your expectations for a Master's degree in weißensee on1 to 2 DINA4 pages.

      •  Explain to us which creative issues you would like to
        or if you can already name a very concrete project, please describe it to us.
        or if you can already name a very concrete project, please also describe it visually.

      •  Please also let us know which competencies you would like to acquire during in the course of the master's program, or what we can contribute to the success of your project.