• Stiftung Genshagen
    2024-02-19 00:00:00

    Räume – Espaces – Przestrzenie

    Müge Bakır and Katharina Reinsbach, master students at the weißensee academy of art berlin, are showing a duo exhibition at Genshagen Castle that explores different artistic approaches to spaces and expands our view.

    In her current series of paintings, Müge Bakır depicts gardens. Gardens form an environment controlled, arranged and remodelled by humans. They are a piece of land where nature has lost its wilderness to order. If we consider the garden in terms of its core spatial characteristics, it is firstly a defined, self-contained space, a microcosm of its own, in which opposites stand side by side, clash, intermingle, overlap and sometimes even conflict with one another. On the other hand, it is a place that interacts with its surroundings in many different ways. In the "Hedges" series, Müge Bakır focusses on Baroque gardens, whose principles lay in the perfection of form and the design of nature.

    In the "Halbwissen" series, Katharina Reinsbach deals with fictionalised pictorial spaces based on small, printed sections of her own mobile phone photos. Her main interest lies in the relationship between drawing and the physical or historical space that she explores. She reflects on how images and pictorial spaces in general can function as a means of enabling viewers to establish relationships with unknown pictorial spaces or to place themselves mentally in them. For her, drawing is a tool for questioning collective perceptions of spaces and clarifying her own position within them. Her drawings always emerge from an interplay between her own observations of spatial conditions and an active fictional examination of experiences that are directly connected to the space.

    Müge Bakır and Katharina Reinsbach are both master students in the painting department of the weißensee academy of art berlin. Together with the art academy, the Genshagen Foundation invited students to submit proposals for an exhibition at Genshagen Castle.


  • 2024-02-29 00:00:00
    MA Art Therapy [College Events]

    MA Art Therapy -Application-

    Application for the start of the summer semester 2025, starting in April 2025.

    You can apply via the online application portal until 15 September.
    If you have any questions, please contact Susan Lipp: 030 47705342

    Information on the complete application process for the continuing education programme in art therapy can be found at:


  • 2024-04-09 10:00:00
    [College Events]

    Info days / Tour / Portfolio consultations

    Study orientation week in Berlin: 10-14 June 2024

    The weißensee academy of art would also like to give interested parties an insight into everyday life as a student, present our range of degree programmes and give them a taste of the subject areas and workshops.
    Everyone is welcome to simply drop by without registering!

    OUR PROGRAMME (will be expanded and updated here daily):

    June 10, MONDAY 14:00hrs
    Meeting point: main entrance

    Guided tour of the department by students 
    Tuesday: 11 June at 10 a.m.
    Meeting point: main entrance

    Guided tour of the department by students
    followed by a lecture by Ulrich Rasche from the ‘In Focus’ series with outstanding stage and costume designers
    Thursday: 13 June at 4 pm
    Meeting point: main entrance

    Offering a short guided tour of the department
    Meeting point: main entrance/
    Monday 10 June at 10:30 a.m.

    Avant-garde(s) - Art in the 20th century
    Tuesday, 11 June 14-16 in lecture theatre C1.05, Prof. Jörg Petruschat

    Ad)dressing Memories. Clothing and/or cultural memory - fashion theory/fashion sociology 
    Thursday 13.6. 10:00 -11:30 in lecture theatre C 1.05, Antonella Giannone

    Art Nouveau / Costume Studies
    Tuesday 11.6. 11:45 in lecture theatre C 1.05, Prof. Beatrice Szameitat

    Susan Lipp
    Individual counselling on
    Tuesday 2 - 5 pm and on Thursday 10 am - 12 pm 
    Location: Room A 1.03

    followed by a guided tour with Susan
    Painting, Sculpture, Vis. Communication
    Thursday: 13 June from 12 noon
    Location: Aula

    Information on the other departments will follow soon.


  • Burg Beeskow
    Frankfurter Straße 23 | 15848 Beeskow
    Opening: 13. April, 03:00 pm
    Duration: 13. April to 31. Dezember
    Opening hours: Oct–March: Tue–So 11–17:00
    April–September Tue–So: 10–18:00
    2024-04-12 00:00:00

    “colonial-local – we’re lifting the lid”

    The Oder-Spree Museum in Beeskow was founded in 1906 in order to showcase the history of the district Beeskow-Storkow. Today, however, the collection also contains exhibits from the north of Europe, the Pacific and Africa. Most of these non-local exhibits are from Namibia, formerly the colony German South-West Africa. And all of this throws up a lot of questions: How did these objects come to be in the Oder-Spree Museum in Beeskow? Do they constitute looted art? What do they have to do with big game hunting, the disappearance of Sorb place names, a missing explorer of Australia, the denazification process in a small town and the grocery shops in the local villages? And what should be our response if we discover objects like these in our collections? The Oder-Spree Museum is showing this collection of ethnological objects for the first time. The exhibition design by the Department of Visual Communication provides an overview of what could be learned up to now about the origin of these objects and what caused them to find their way to Beeskow. It also shows how global interdependencies can impact on local contexts. The exhibition will be opened on April 13, 2024 at 3 pm at Beeskow Castle. It arose as a cooperative venture between the Oder-Spree Museum, the Association of Museums in Brandenburg and the studio mut.und.anmut. of the weissensee school of at and design berlin.


  • Hörsaal, C1.05
    C1.05, 6
    Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin
    Bühringstraße 20
    13086 Berlin
    2024-04-14 17:30:00

    Lecture series: IM FOKUS

    13.06.24 Director and stage designer Ulrich Rasche
    20.06.24 Stage designer Annette Kurz

    For the second semester in a row, the Department of Stage and Costume Design invites you to the lecture series ‘IM FOKUS’. Outstanding stage and costume designers from the fields of film and theatre present their work and working methods and engage in discussion with students and interested parties from all departments. Excerpts and examples from their productions and project-specific research approaches and processes provide unique insights into the working and thinking approaches of sought-after artists behind the stage and/or camera.

    After an inspiring start to the summer semester with stage and costume designer Christian Schmidt, we are delighted to announce two further lectures in June. On 13 June, renowned director and stage designer Ulrich Rasche will be our guest, followed by multi-award-winning stage designer Annette Kurz on 20 June.

    Ulrich Rasche, born in Bochum in 1969, studied art history and comparative literature. His choral project 'Singing! Immateriell arbeiten', which premiered at the Palast der Republik in Berlin in 2004, he achieved national fame as a director. This was followed by productions at the Staatstheater Stuttgart, the Wiener Festwochen, the Volksbühne Berlin, the Schauspiel Frankfurt and the Sophiensæle Berlin. In 2011, he dramatised and directed Heinrich von Kleist's Michael Kohlhaas at Theater Bonn. In 2013, Ulrich Rasche was honoured with the Art Prize of the Akademie der Künste Berlin. In 2014, he co-produced 'The Cosmic Octave' by Nis-Momme Stockmann (Sophiensæle Berlin). Further works followed, including 'Danton's Death' by Georg Büchner (2015, Schauspiel Frankfurt), 'The Robbers' by Friedrich Schiller (2016, Residenztheater Munich, invitation to the 2017 Berlin Theatertreffen), 'Woyzeck' by Georg Büchner (2017, Theater Basel, invitation to the 2018 Berlin Theatertreffen), 'Das große Heft' (2018, Staatsschauspiel Dresden, invitation to the 2019 Berlin Theatre Meeting), The Persians by Aeschylus (2018, Salzburg Festival), 'Elektra' by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (2019, Residenztheater Munich), 'The Bacchae' by Euripides (2019, Burgtheater Vienna), '4. 48 Psychosis' by Sarah Kane (2020, Deutsches Theater Berlin) and 'Leonce and Lena' by Georg Büchner (2023, Deutsches Theater Berlin). At the Residenztheater, he also staged 'The Earthquake in Chili' (2020) by Heinrich von Kleist and 'Woyzeck' (2020) by Georg Büchner. In 2022, he directed 'Agamemnon' by Aeschylus, a co-production of the Residenztheater and the Athens Epidaurus Festival, which premiered in the ancient theatre in Epidaurus. With his production of Nathan the Wise (2023, Salzburg Festival), Ulrich Rasche was invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen 2024.

    Annette Kurz studied Fine Arts and Art History in Paris (Ecole du Louvre). After graduating in Fine Arts (Université Paris VIII), she attended the École Supérieure d'Art Dramatique du Théâtre National de Strasbourg (TNS) and graduated with the Diplôme de Scénographie. After France, Hamburg was the starting point for her international career: she worked there as an assistant set designer for Anna Viebrock at the Hamburg Schauspielhaus and later spent ten years (2009 - 2019) as head of set design at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg. Since 2022, she has been the first ever visual artist to be artist in residence at Ensemble Resonanz in Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie, working with sculpture, painting, performance and staging in collaboration with the orchestra. She is in demand internationally as a freelance stage designer and scenographer. Her work is decisively characterised by her intensive and long-standing collaboration with the director Luk Perceval, for whose theatre and opera productions Kurz has been designing highly complex, open symbolic spaces since 2001, which mostly emerge from the elementary basic space and the cultural and visual history of her sculptural stage elements (‘scenic objects’). Her theatre and opera works with Luk Perceval and others have been presented at the Thalia Theater Hamburg, the Berliner Ensemble, the Schaubühne Berlin, the Münchner Kammerspiele, the Salzburg Festival, the Zurich Opera, the Basel Opera and the Deutsche Oper Berlin as well as at festivals in Edinburgh, Avignon, Paris, Prague and Vienna. They have been awarded the German theatre prize DER FAUST-best stage design, stage design of the year in the TheaterderZeit critics' survey, the Hamburg theatre prize ROLF MARES-best stage design, the Norwegian theatre prize HEDDA nomination for best stage design and many more.
    The Akademie der Künste Berlin will set up an Annette Kurz archive of her work in the Archive for the Performing Arts. Annette Kurz has taught scenography at various universities in Germany and abroad.
    Currently on show in Berlin : ‘ Exil’ , directed by Luk Perceval , Berliner Ensemble
    Currently to be seen in Hamburg : ‘Wolf unter Wölfen’ directed by Luk Perceval, Thalia Theatre

    Further lectures this semester:
    04.07. Wolfgang Menardi

  • 2024-06-03 00:00:00
    [College Events]

    see up Workspaces / Atelierplätze zu vergeben

    Bewerbungsfrist: 20.06.2024
    Atelierplätze zu günstigen Bedingungen für Absolvent_innen der weißensee kunsthochschule berlin
    Bewerbungsformular & detaillierte Informationen unter:

    Alle Infos unter:


    2024-06-12 00:00:00


    Opening: 13 June 2024, 7 - 10 pm
    Duration: 14 June - 30 June 2024
    Finissage: 30 June 2024, 4 - 7 pm
    Opening hours: Thursday and Friday, 4 - 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 3 - 7 pm
    Location: KUNSTPUNKT BERLIN - RAUM FÜR AKTUELLE KUNST, Schlegelstraße 6, 10115 Berlin

    In Christian iconography, paradise is usually depicted as a sheltered and flourishing garden in which man and nature are harmoniously united. Today, this archetypal idea seems more distant than ever, as our modern way of life is causing irreparable changes to the climate and nature.

    The exhibition ‘FOOL'S PARADISE’ addresses our own forlornness faced with this situation and the human longing for a utopia and alternative reality. The young artists locate themselves ‘between doubt, ballast and utopia’ and use painting, drawing and installation to describe paradise as a place where anything seems possible: ‘It overwhelms us, makes us foolish, pushes us to our personal limits’. KUNSTPUNKT BERLIN - RAUM FÜR AKTUELLE KUNST and weißensee kunsthochschule berlin cordially invite you to rediscover paradise through the perspectives of young artists.

    Participating artists:
    Imad Alfil, Laura Mercedes Arndt, Leonie Behrens, Hannes Berwing, Noé Borst,
    Elisa Bosse, Seonah Chae, Alanna Dongowski, Elena Mir Fakhraei, Maria Felsmann,
    Nele Fiedler, Elisabeth Fraenkel, Christopher von Gruben, Marieke Herbst,
    Nazlı Karaturna, Luka Keresman, Lana Kosovel, Felix Mehlig,
    Tara Mianji, Jakob Mirasol, Daria Pashchenko, Sebastian Pöge, Katharina Reinsbach,
    Léa Sarasola, Stella Severson, Janosch Sinn, Fanni Sléder, Antonia Stoyke, Yuuki Tang,
    Emma de Warren, Sheila Zimmermann, Obaida Zorik
    Project management: Prof Pia Linz, Petra Trenkel

  • Galerie Pankow
    2024-06-19 00:00:00

    Mart Stam Prize 2023 - Even then

    With works by:
    Sara Hassoune, Birgit Kunz. Jung A Lee, Marie Lempelius, Nicolas Papayannis, Belen Resnikowski
    Johannes Schmidtner

    Opening - Thursday, 20 June 2024 / 7 pm
    Welcome: Annette Tietz, Director of the Pankow Gallery
    Greetings: Dr Cordelia Koch, District Mayor
    Dr Angelika Richter, Rector of the weißensee academy of art berlin
    Prof Stefan Koppelkamm, Chairman of the Board of the Mart Stam Society

    Artist Talk - Thursday, 27 June 2024 / 7 pm
    The award winners in conversation

    Opening hours:
    Tue-Fri: 12pm-8pm and Sat + Sun: 2 - 8pm
    Wed 6 pm: public guided tours
    Thu + Fri 10 am - 1 pm: art education for schoolchildren

    Gallery Pankow
    Breite Straße 8, 13187 Berlin
    Tel.: 030/47 53 79 25, Fax: 030/48 62 17 09

    In 2023, seven graduates of the weißensee academy of art berlin were honoured with the Mart Stam Prize. Under the title ‘Selbst dann’, the prizewinners are presenting their work at Galerie Pankow. The exhibition provides an insight into current artistic forms of expression and also shows innovative solutions in the field of visual communication and product design.
    Every year since 1997, the Mart Stam Gesellschaft has honoured the best graduation projects from the weißensee kunsthochschule berlin. Students from all disciplines can apply for the Mart Stam Prize, which is decided by a jury made up of external experts and members of the Mart Stam Gesellschaft. The prize consists of a joint exhibition and the publication of a bilingual catalogue.


    Stresemannstr. 28
    10963 Berlin
    (U-Bhf. Hallesches Tor)
    2024-07-18 00:00:00

    'Heute Nacht gehen wir nicht schlafen.'- We're not going to sleep tonight.

    An artistic transformation by students of the weißensee
    academy of art berlin, presented by Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus e.V.

    Exhibition: 19 July - 8 September 2024
    Exhibition opening: 18 July 2024 | 7 pm
    Stresemannstr. 28

    Participants: Cora Jarchow, Friederike Toeppe, Stella Severson, Anna Eigener, Sophia Henry Brown, Daria Pashchenko, Louie Blaser
    Project management: Prof. Nader Ahriman und Nora Kapfer

    The exhibition ‘Heute Nacht gehen wir nicht schlafen.’ is part of
    a seminar at the weißensee kunsthochschule berlin and was developed together with Nader Ahriman's class. The exhibition by the six artists reflects on the manufacturing and transformation process of materials and products. The students imitated this process for their project by running their own artworks through a assembly line and subjecting the images to several transformations: they created a large collage, processed it manually, photographed it, digitally expanded it and printed it on large areas of fabric. From here, the final print could be curated again and further processed with analogue forms. The result can be seen at the Willy-Brandt-House from 19 July.

    Web: Weitere Informationen

  • 2024-07-19 12:00:00

    Tour – Open house 2024

    On 20 and 21 July, the weißensee academy of art berlin will open its studios, workshops and laboratories for the ‘Rundgang - Tage der offenen Tür’ and provide insights into the work and research processes of young artists and designers on around 2,000 square metres of exhibition space.
    Students of Sculpture, Stage and Costume Design, Painting, Fashion Design, Product Design, Textile and Surface Design, Visual Communication and Artistic Design Fundamentals as well as the Master's degree programmes in Spatial Strategies and Art Therapy will present their work from the 2023/2024 academic year at the ‘Rundgang’. At the same time, more than 40 graduates of Sculpture and Painting will exhibit their final projects in the Adlerhalle in the Dragonerareal in Kreuzberg.

    Central exhibition of all disciplines
    weißensee academy of art berlin
    Bühringstraße 20, 13086 Berlin
    Sat-Sun, 20-21 July 2023, 12pm-8pm

    Central graduation exhibition of sculpture and painting
    ‘Nothing is impossible’
    Adlerhalle in the Dragonerareal
    Mehringdamm 20
    10961 Berlin
    18.07 - 21.07.2024
    Vernissage: 18.07.2024 from 18-22 o'clock
    Opening hours: 19.07 - 21.07 from 12-20h