Dominic Eger Domingos


Dominic Eger Domingos is a Design Research Assistant at the Matters of Activity Cluster of Excellence.
After completing his training as a carpenter, Dominic pursued further studies in product design at the weißensee school of art and design. Over time, his research evolved to encompass concepts of digital materiality and physical interaction, particularly focusing on integrating haptic feedback into the interface of surgical robots.
Domingos’ work significantly contributes to an interdisciplinary understanding of the intricate challenges associated with human-machine interaction. By crafting scenarios that embody conceptual frameworks, he promotes the emergence of novel approaches to collaborative tool development. His approach is rooted in the belief that design serves as a powerful instrument for unraveling the complexity inherent in human interactions. Through the lens of design, Domingos explores human behavior, aiming to gain profound insights into users' cognitive, emotional, and sensory capabilities.