Leoni Adams


Since March 2009 I am in charge of the academic affairs and the international office. Before I was for 4 years in charge of the general course guidance.
Brigitte Dierker,Susan Lipp, Friederike Schwemin,Jamie Spal, Nadine Zeculis and Graziella Sulis are our colleagues in the offices of academic affairs. We get support by our student assistants Margarita and Nhung
Together we try to give you all information and support to pass with flying colours your studies.

advisory service

Until further notice: office hour only on appointment.
In urgent cases write an e-mail or phone me.


not planned so far...


Head of the Department of Student Affairs / International Office
- Campus Management
- Study Affairs: Application/Admission/Study/Study-related regulations and statutes
and much more
- International Office:
- Programs and their implementation such as: Erasmus+/Promos/Stibet
- Incomings/Outgoings (students*, teachers*, staff members)
- Bilateral agreements and much more