Prof. Carola Zwick

BA/MA Produkt-Design



The goal of this project is to develop interaction concepts for semiautonomous driving and invent adequate ways to prototype this experience. This project is a collaboration with Takata.

The project background: cars are equipped with a multitude of systems to assist the driver and to shift some of the burden of driving towards intelligent support systems. The development heads towards completely autonomous vehicles, that are capable of managing all phases of a drive. This triggers some important questions: how do drivers communicate their intents? How can drivers switch to this autonomous mode and how can they gain back control over the vehicle? How is the shifting level of attention communicated to the driver and anticipated by system at the same time? Which constant feedback channel allows the user and the vehicle to act in sync, thus generate trust in this new technology? How is this suited to empower and relax the driver in creating a a new level of comfort?

Sommersemester 2013

Wochentag(e) : Montag+Mittwoch

Beginn : 08.04.13

Ende : 11.07.13

Ort : Dachgeschoss, C4.01

Teilnahme (Pflicht / Wahlpflicht / Wahl) : Wahlpflicht

Voraussetzung : Bachelor Hauptstudium

Anmeldung : Einschreibung am Montag,
den 8.4.2013 bis 16.00 Uhr

Teilnehmerzahl : 10 (6)

Bachelor/Master - Modul : Entwurfsprojekt