Prof. Dr. Lucy Norris

Theorie und Geschichte


Master-forschungskolloquium 1 & 2

The Kolloquium supports Masters students to develop their design research methods and theoretical approaches at the beginning of their Masters projects, and to develop these through to successful completion. It is especially suited to students interested in broadly anthropological and material culture perspectives on their work, and will be conducted in English. Please sign up in Incom workspace 1830

Sommersemester 2022


Wochentag(e) : Freitag

Turnus : Zweiwöchentlich

Zeit: 09.00 h – 12.00 h

Ort : Mart Stam Raum, G1.01

Anmeldung : https://kh-berlin.incom.org/workspace/1484

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Wochenstunden : 2

Gesamtstunden : 28