Clara Sofia Fernandez

Hybridization & Entganglement

Sofia Fernández is a Product Designer, Educator and Researcher with a focus on Generative, (Bio-)Material and Gender Design reflected by her own design research with bio-digital crafts.
Since summer term 2024 she teaches digital and generative design tools such as Rhino 3D/Grasshopper and Rapid Prototyping at KH Weißensee, with a particular interest on the cross- section of Technology, Material Ecology and Gender within practice and theory.
Besides her work as an artistic associate in the department of product design at KH Weißensee, she does her PhD on fungal mycelium materials at Bauhaus-university Weimar after working for several years at the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin.
She is an alumni from Folkwang University of the Arts (MA) and Köln International School of Design (BA) and was a scholarship holder from a.o. Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.
Besides her academic work, Sofia follows her independent design projects from her studio in Berlin-Schöneweide.