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Cod1ng DaV1nc1

Books are stored in a library, files in an archive, paintings and sculptures in a gallery of a museum. Some institutions archive movies, others save sound files or collect plants. Everything is connected to everything, so how would we be able to take a fresh look at these treasures? How to enable participation and to lower access barriers? Could new links trigger new insights and generate new knowledge? How could we manage to enrich these collections by adding the wisdom of the outside world? And what would be an adequate toolbox for a cultural institution in todays world?

The project Cod1ngDaV1nc1 wants to dig into these topics in a collaboration with students from the department of Human Centered Computing at FU Berlin. The goal is to develop concepts and running prototypes. Cod1ngDaV1nc1 is a competition we want to participate in as an interdisciplinary team (

The specific design of the project allows to experience an interdisciplinary work style and to practice the ability to communicate design specific view points and criteria within a multidisciplinary work environment.

coached by:
Prof. Carola Zwick
Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller-Birn
Human-Centered Computing | FU Berlin

Summer Semester 2015

Weekday : Montag,Mittwoch

Location : Dachgeschoss, C4.01

Registration : email (deadline 11th of April)
or via enrollment list on Monday the 13th of April after the departments summer term start convention

Examination Type : presentation

Number of participants : 7 (0)

Module : Entwurf

Modulesegments : Entwurf