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Andreas Grasmück

BA/MA Produkt-Design Computerstudio


Rhino Level 2 - NURBS-Modelling mit Rhinoceros für Fortgeschrittene

NURBS modeling with Rhinoceros for advanced users.

We'll look at the features of Rhino 6 and deepen the basic

knowledge of the NURBS Modeler using complex objects and


The course also deals with the preparation of data for rapid

prototyping (milling, 3D printing).

For further Information visit INCOM workspace.

Sommersemester 2020

2. Studienabschnitt

Weekday : Dienstag

Cycle : Wöchentlich

Time: 13.00 h – 15.30 h

Start : 21.04.20

End :

Location : n.n.

Compulsory : Wahl

Precondition : Rhino Level 1

Number of participants : 0 (0)