BA-Visual Comminication

Information and deadlines for digital or analog portfolio submission

  • After successful online registration for the aptitude test, you will receive Link to the upload portal as well as all necessary instructions for digital or analog portfolio submission via Campuscore.

  • A small artistic-practical homework assignment will be provided with the invitation.

  • Digital or analog portfolio submission deadline: Feb 22.
    (exact date as well as format will be determined on 11/1/21).

  • Based on your work, the next step is to decide whether you will be admitted to the entrance exam. You will receive the decisionand we very much hope that the entrance exam can take place in Feb 22 at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin or the digital format will have to be used again.

FAQ: Creation of a portfolio and inofrmation the process of the virtual admission exams (under reservation! Depending on the pandemic situation, the portfolios) may also have to be presented in analog form.

The Visual Communication has prepared an FAQ on how to create your portfolio and how the virtual admission exam works.
We recommend that you read it carefully: > FAQ

Notes on the digital portfolio in the department of Visuelle Communication

This year, the portfolio can be submitted digitally in two ways: 

1) as a self-made PDF
2) as a link to a portfolio website.

Both forms of submission must fully meet the content requirements.

 Requirements for the PDF:

- DIN A4 landscape format

- linked videos or websites (without password protection)

- max. 60 pages

- max. 50 MB

 Content requirements:

- Cover sheet with application number and name

- curriculum vitae

- The homework

- min. 15 to max. 30 works

- Short, keyword information about each work (e.g. title, size, material, who, what, when and where)

- All links must be submitted without password protection.

- In case of group work, name all co-authors. 

- If it is a supervised work, please name supervising persons or course / project / institution.