BA-Fashion Design

Information and deadlines for digital portfolio submission

  • After successful online registration all registered applicants will receive a link to the upload-portal as well as all necessary instructions for the submission of the digital portfolios shortly after the Registration Deadline on 10 December 2020.

  • Together with the invitation, a small homework will be set.

  • Please submit your digital portfolio together with your completed homework to the Campuscore upload portal until 29 January 2021

  • A submission after the deadline on 29 January 2021 will not be possible.

  • Based on the applications and uploaded portfolios, the Admission Committee will select applicants who will be invited to take part in the artistic admission examination.

  • The artistic admission examination will be held in February 2021.

Notes and advise on the digital portfolio in the department of Fashion Design

Portfolio Size__________________

Porttfolio size in total maximum 20 MB. Up to 30 images (scans or photos, presented together in one pdf document: an explanatory help on data size reduction will follow from November 24th!)

The portfolio pdf document should contain a collection of current artistic works such as paintings, watercolors, prints, drawings, etc. and can also contain works such as sketches of ideas, photographs, textile works, experiments and designs.

No general theme or continuous narrative is necessary. 
Unfortunately, the commission can not open films, software, sounds, texts, websites such as Instagram or external links.Your works and not their presentation will be evaluated.We therefore ask to refrain from adding decorative elements such as passepartouts, typography, gifs or clipart.Please sort your work according to importance and topicality. Your most important work should open the portfolio.

Naming your works__________________

We ask for very brief, simple, keyword information about each work, such as medium/size, date of creation and the context in which the work was created. 
In case of a group project, please also name co-authors. In case of a supervised work, please name supervising persons and the course/project/institution.Please collect the information on a separate Info sheet.

Example info sheet1
Cotton jersey T-shirt
Design/Author_in: John Doe (design and production), Jane Doe (print), Jim Doe (photo)
Date of origin: 20.11.2020
Place of origin: private

2. Nude drawing, penci
lDesign/Author_in: John Doe
Date of origin: 20.11.2020
Place of origin: Evening drawing class

3. Design project
Design/Author: Group work John Doe + Jane Doe
Date of origin: 20.11.2019
Place of origin: Advanced level art course 12th grade


The admission commission who will evaluate your artistic aptitude consists of fashion designers: Teachers of the Academy and students of the Fashion Department. Above all, the commission is interested to see what you are interested in and how you are already working — artistically or creatively. An interest in fashion, clothing, art and design should be recognizable.

Tips and information for the application and creation of the digital portfolio