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Unfortunately, the application for the winter semester 2022/23 is closed.

The next online registration for the artistic entrance examination 2023: November 1 - December 12

Artistic entrance examination: February 20 - 24, 2023

Start of studies:October 2023, winter semester 2023/24


Digital student advisory service for the application process

We are pleased that you are interested in studies at the weißensee kunsthochschule berlin. On this page you will find all important information about the online application process for undergraduate programs as well as the information brochures for the individual departments. 

Due to the current situation there are no personal office hours at the moment! The student advisory service is still available to advise on general questions regarding the application and admission procedure as well as questions regarding online registration. Please send your request by e-mail or call 030 47705 - 342 (Tue 14-16 h & Wed 10-12 h) 

The student advisory service also invites you to open//virtual question times every Thursday from 12-13 pm (CET) (not on Dec 22 + 30)! One-on-one interviews are available on request!

LINK TO THE Q&A SESSION: https://jitsi.kh-berlin.de/studienberatung

1. Step: ONLINE-REGISTRATION for artistic entrance exam

To apply for undergraduate programs, please use the online application portal of our academy exclusively. The online application procedure is open until Monday, December 12, 2022 (23:59 CET) for the following winter semester 23/24.

The link to the application portal Campuscore can be found here at the start of the application process.

Note: The portfolio does not need to be uploaded at this time. You will receive an invitation for portfolio submission or portfolio upload at the beginning of year 2023.

Further steps to the APPLICATION PROCEDURE

Step 2: Submit the digital portfolio with your own artistic work 

For the deadlines and detailed information on the digital portfolio, please see:
Notes Portfolio & Artistic Admission test

After successful registration, at the latest 1 week after the application deadline, you will receive the link to the upload portal and all necessary information about the portfolio in a separate mail via Campuscore the first week of January.

Step 3: Artistic Admission test

In the design departments, the artistic admission tests will probably take place in mid/end February in digital form. The Fine Arts study programs plan to schedule the on-site artistic admission test at the beginning of June. You will receive the exact date in your invitation to the admission test. ONLY if you pass the portfolio test you will receive an invitation to the admission test. There you will receive artistic tasks and have an interview with the admissions committee.

In the field of fine arts you will also bring your original works /portfolio to the admission test.

Step 4: Admission to study

The application form and instructions for admission to the study program are sent to the applicants concerned via the online portal together with the notification of the passed admission test. The submission of all required documents in the original, such as the high school diploma, will only take place after passing the admission test from April 1 - April 30 for admission in the design disciplines, in the fine arts from July 1 - July 30.

The positive result of artistic admission test is valid for two years. If you fail, you may reapply next year. 



If you pass the admission test successfully you are allowed/invited to apply for admission at the Berlin Weissensee Art Academy, if you comply with all formalities:

1. artistic talent/ability (is determined in the artistic admission test of weißensee)

2. qualification for entrance to German University
that means a Higher Secondary (School) certificate or alternatively special artistic aptitude, applicants without Abitur can also be admitted to study if they prove a special artistic aptitude in the admission test. The secondary school  certificate is sufficient for the Fine Arts Programs!

3. Proof of the pre-study internship
in the study-relevant area (6-8 weeks), only for the design study programs, at the latest at the beginning of the study.

4. Proof of sufficient German language skills for international applicants
At the time of application, at least one language certificate corresponding to the completed qualification level A2 must be submitted for all degree programmes. In the case of a positive decision, the examination certificate should be submitted for admission in April:
For the design courses for example Testdaf 4, DSH 2, telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule, DSD II, the C1 examination certificate of the Goethe-Institut in the design study courses, stage and costume design;
For the fine arts of painting and sculpture for example telc B2, Testdaf 3, DSH 1, the B2 examination certificate of the Goethe-Institut. At the latest at the beginning of your studies.

Further information for international applicants can be found here!



To enrol at weißensee school of art every student has to pay a fee of 312,89 €, This payment is due every semester (every half year) you study with us.

The fee includes the ticket for the local transport. No tuition fees are required for undergraduate programs!

For further questions about application, admission and study please ask the Student Service.


Susan Lipp & Friederike Schwemin
General student advisory service
Room A1.03

Attention: Summer break until the end of August! Counseling by appointment only!
Please send your request by e-mail 
or please contact us by phone: 030 47705 -342 or -324

Personal consultation hours:only by appointment during the summerbreak
From September: Tue 14 - 17 h and Thu 10 - 12 h and by appointment
Telephone office hours: Mon - Thurs 10 - 15 h Tues until 17 h

The student advisory service also invites you to open//virtual question times every Thursday from 12-13 pm (CET) (not on holidays)! You can find the link to the virtual room here! One-on-one interviews are available on request! Attention summer break: No counseling from 28.7. - 18.8.!



Online-Registration / Instruction for Application

Information brochures about the study program and aptitude test

All information regarding the artistic entrance exam is subject to change! Depending on the pandemic situation we will adjust the format of the artistic entrance exam as well as the portfolio submission.

The current instructions for the artistic entrance exam for the portfolio submission can be found here beginning November!






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