Course Offerings

Prof. Dr. Lucy Norris

Theory and History


Masterforschungskolloquium I & II

This colloquium will support Masters students developing the theoretical underpinning of their projects in the first semester, and writing their theses in the second semester. The focus will be on using design research methods appropriate to individual projects, and developing an understanding of the social use of materials and material culture theory from a broadly anthropological perspective.
In English.
Please register at INCOM workspace 974 for further information.

Winter Semester 2019/2020

Weekday : Mittwoch

Cycle : Every 2 weeks

Time: 10.00 h – 13.00 h

Start : 23.10.19

End : 22.01.20

Location : Mart Stam Raum, G1.01

Compulsory : Pflicht

Registration : Students should register via Incom workspace 974

Number of participants : 15 (0)

Module : Masterforschungskolloquium I&II