Leave Of Absence

Request leave of absence

Students can apply for one, or in special cases two, semesters on leave if they have compelling reasons. Examples of such reasons would be:

- maternity or paternity leave
- financial reasons
- illnes attested by a physician
- internships required by the program of study
- disposal of military service
- semester abroad
- and serious personal reasons
The application for a semester on leave must be signed by the faculty coordinator and submitted to the office of student affairs (Referat Studienangelegenheiten) before the re-registration deadline (Rückmeldefrist). While on leave, you still have the student status, have the right to take part in examinations, and the semester ticket and social fees are deducted from your re-registration fee.

Sekretariat Studienangelegenheiten/ Immatrikulationsamt

Jana Asmus und Jamie Spalt

Raum A 1.04

Tel. 030 47705 -212/312
E-Mail: ref-stud(at)kh-berlin.de
Mo 9-12 Uhr, Di und Do 13.00 - 16.00 Uhr