Fragen zur *foundationClass und dem Studium an der weißensee kunsthochschule berlin beantworten wir gerne!

Katharina Kersten und Yemisi Babatola

foundationclass(at)kh-berlin.de oder +49 30 47705 305!

Mehr Infos: www.foundationclass.org

What is the *foundationClass?

An important goal of the *foundationClass is to support you to reconstruct (lost) works, images, materials, portfolios and documents and create a powerful portfolio with which you can apply to study art or design.

The study program consists of lectures, workshops and excursions led by professional artists, designers, scholars and activists who have themselves or their families migrated to Germany. Together with you, we want to formulate art history(s) that include the global South/East and your experiences without using labels like "refugee" or "migrant".

In the *foundationClass we focus on solidary encounters and learning and teaching at eye level. The *foundationClass wants to create a critical place within the weißensee kunsthochschule where knowledge and artistic and design practices are not consumed, but dominant views are questioned.

We strive for collective processes, make exhibitions and inscribe ourselves from the margins of society into the Western White art and design landscape.

The project *foundationClass was established in 2016 by Prof. Ulf Aminde and Miriam Schickler. Meanwhile, the *foundationClass comprises a community of more than 150 people. We are students, teachers, tutors and fans with and without experience of racism. WE are a group of individuals.

The program usually starts in July and runs until March, during which time you will be enrolled as a guest student at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin. Participation in the program is free of charge.

The *foundationClass is funded by the Berlin Quality and Innovation Offensive of the Berlin Senate Department for Science and Research and the Welcome and Integra funding programs of the German Academic Exchange Service.


Who can apply?

All persons are welcome to apply who:

  • have fled to Germany and/or applied for asylum and have been affected by racism and

  • wanted to take up either art or design studies in their countries of origin,

  • had already started studying art or design,

  • or are seeking to change their studies

  • are 18 years of age or older

  • are willing and motivated to participate in the program on a regular basis (note: attendance of the Summer School is a prerequisite for participation in the second part)

  • have sufficient practical English and/or German language skills - please note that German language skills (B2) are a prerequisite for applying to an art academy.

    Important: It is not relevant whether the asylum application has been completed or the result is still pending.

How does the application process work?

Please send us an application with the following documents to foundationclass(at)kh-berlin.de or by post to weißensee kunsthochschule berlin / *foundationClass, Bühringstr. 20, 13086 Berlin

  • a curriculum vitae
  • a letter of motivation of at least 500 words explaining why you find *foundationClass interest- ing and why you want to participate
  • Proof of your asylum or residence status (permission, toleration, residence permit).

After the call for applications has closed, you will receive an invitation for a personal interview by email as soon as possible. The interviews will take place digitally with the team members of the *foundationClass.

Please note that many emails sent from our account foundationclass(at)kh-berlin.de will be classified as spam. Therefore, please check your spam folder regularly in order not to miss any message from us.

Who can I ask?

For questions about the *foundationClass and studying at weißensee academy of art berlin, please contact Yemisi Babatola and Katharina Kersten by email foundationclass(at)kh-berlin.de or phone +49(0)30-47705-305

web: www.foundationclass.org
fb: foundationclassweissensee