BA-Product Design

Information and deadlines for digital portfolio submission

The product design department has taken the special situation into account this year and has completely revised the concept of the proficiency test.

The filmic documentary of your own portfolio, practical exercises, which are made at home and sent to the KHB by mail and documented on video, as well as mentoring with students from product-design during the application process allow you to get to know each other even without visiting the campus.

The entrance examination takes place in two phases - pre-selection and entrance examination - which offer good conditions for making one's own potential visible even under the current difficult conditions.

We recommend a smartphone with photo or video function and for the first task three ping-pong balls are needed :-) You will find out everything else shortly after 10.12.2020. We are looking forward to your application.

Here the rough time schedule:


  • After successful online registration for the admission test, you will receive a schedule and the first two tasks shortly after the application deadline on 10 December 2020, and further a link to the upload portal for all required digital submissions.

  • The digital submission deadline for these first two pre-selection tasks is: 18.01.2021

  • Based on the uploaded works, the next step will be to decide on admission to the digital admission exam. This will start on 01 February 2021 with a series of tasks that will also be prepared and documented at home and will have to be submitted digitally via the upload portal in stages up to 18 February 2021. You will then be informed promptly of the results of the admision exam.

Notes on the digital portfolio in the study program product design

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