ASV - Autonomous Student Projects


ASV or Autonomous Student Projects was founded in connection with the threatened closure of our university a few years ago, the debate about reform and the actual elimination of the architecture department.

It had turned out that projects that could not be placed in any of the existing departments or were not supervised by a lecturer had great difficulties in finding rooms and funds for implementation. 

The interdisciplinarity that is so often conjured up and discussed in Weißensee is part of the students' everyday life. A basis for this is created in the joint basic studies: An exchange takes place and the first joint projects are developed. The experience and skills that we students bring to the university are an important part of university education and teaching.

The university as an institution is not just about space! It is a free space for learning and teaching. Especially now, since the local amalgamation of all departments, it is important to realize that an exchange between departments and also an institution like the KHB is not bound to one place. 

Interdisciplinarity is a state of mind and not of place.

It is a matter of taking advantage of teaching opportunities that extend beyond the respective department. Fought for by students a few years ago and since then approved by the university every year, we have funds at our disposal for interdisciplinary and self-determined work. This budget is intended for lectures, workshops, material and student projects.

If you feel that you are missing a certain course of study and that it might be interesting for other students, you can find a speaker who will hold a lecture or workshop on this topic. With this concrete offer you can apply for a fee for your speaker.

If you think that the school lacks working material or technology for a specific purpose, you can apply for money to purchase it.

If you need support for a self-organized project, for which you do not receive funding elsewhere (e.g. in your department) and which represents the school in public or contributes to educational goals that are not met in everyday life at the school, you can also apply for money for this project.


How do you realize your plans through the ASV?

1. have an idea

2. find speakers

3. prepare a cost estimate

4. contact the tutors

5. if financial support is granted, application in 

Pick up administration or download it from the KHB website under ASV, fill it out and have one of the tutors sign it

6. organize the project yourself; pass on the date of the event to the ASV tutors for the Moodle distribution list; do your own advertising

as a guideline:

presentations average 150, EUR

Workshops average 400, EUR

student project funding up to 300, EUR

Information and ASV events are announced via the Moodle platform "AstA/ASV".

Please send applications by mail to: asv(at)



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