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Prof. Dr. Knut Ebeling

Theory and History

Trait d’unions. Exkursion Manifesta 13

This online seminaire prepares for the excursion of the sculpture class of Hannes Brunner to Manifesta 13 to Marseille. Please sign up under:, Password: Marseille

As the new date for the opening of Manifesta 13 has not been communicated yet, the dates of the online seminaire will be communicated asap.

Please sign in at moodle (Password: Marseille)

The online seminaire takes place in Moodle.

Summer Semester 2020

Location : n.n.

Precondition : Anmeldung bei,

Registration : Anmeldung Moodle Passwort: Marseille

Number of participants : 20 (0)

Hours/week : 2

Hours : 30

Credit Points : 2