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Prof. Dr. Gabriele Werner

Theory and History


New in a strange City

Designed for Erasmus-students this seminar is open also to everybody else

The aim of this seminar is to find creative solutions to discribe / to show / to exemplify the individuel cultural, social, and emotional experiences within one's new enviroments. Therefor the participants will visit museums, prominant places for the berlin histories, but also may walk along a random/arbitrary road with the aim to rekord every perception that may appear relevant.
The seminar will be held at two weeks intervals on Tuesdays from 5pm zu 7pm at the so called Professorinnen-Mensa.
Registration is possible in the first meeting on october 25 or online in the moodle course with the password: c0ttü

Wintersemester 2016/2017

all studies

Weekday : Tuesday

Cycle : biweekly

Time: 17.00 h – 19.00 h

Start : 25.10.16

End : 14.02.17

Location : n.n.

Compulsory : Wahlpflicht
compulsory elective module

Precondition : none

Registration : online

Examination Type : presentation / coursework

Number of participants : 0 (0)

Hours/week : 2

Hours : 32

Credit Points : 2