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Dr. Giulia Palladini

MA Raumstrategien

Körper, Subjekte, Institutionen: Das Unbehagen in der Performance

In the seminar we undertake a critical investigation of the notion of performance, tracing its development from the radical experiments in modes of living and art making of the 1960s to the centrality which performance acquired, in the last decades, in the vocabulary of the contemporary art world as well as of neoliberal capitalism. Addressing the ambivalence intrinsic in the emphasis on performance as a ephemeral commodity, as well as in its recognized status as work, in the seminar we discuss the contemporary deployment of performance as a thriving force in the rampant precarization of labor in contemporary art, as well as its position before institutions such as theatre, museums, festivals and biennials. On the other hand, we consider different practices of contemporary performance which, in various ways, continue experimenting with the potential of performance as a radical reminder of alternative possibilities in ‘the art of living’, and in processes of individual and collective subjectivation Alongside this investigation, the students are encouraged to question their own relation with performance both in their artistic praxis, and in their experience as spectators.

Wintersemester 2016/2017


Location : Raumstrategien, T3.01

Number of participants : 0 (0)

Hours/week : 2

Hours : 30