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Dr. Giulia Palladini

MA Raumstrategien

Uses of time in performance and art making

The seminar focuses on different experiments with temporality in the context of performance and art making. Starting with addressing the complex nature of performance as an action happening in time, in the seminar we discuss from both a theoretical and historical perspective different artistic strategies in which time – its perception, its passing, its being embedded between the past and the future, its biopolitical relevance and its manipulation in capitalist regimes of labor – has been and is employed as a crucial matter of artistic intervention. Engaging a critical discussion on the slippery temporality of performance-making as a form of work (which, as Paolo Virno suggested, constitutes an emblematic example of immaterial labor) and on the projective temporality that such work is often subject to in neoliberal capitalism, we consider in particular artistic interventions and critical texts which have conceived performance and art making as a mean to expose and counter the time regime of capitalism.

The seminar also encourages students to question the temporality of their own work, and experiment with different modalities of its articulation in time. Likewise, it addresses core questions regarding diverse modalities of engagement with time as material of work, such as the use of archives (actual or imaginary), durational projects, as well as practices articulating themselves through a series of future interventions, or effects, over futurity.

Sommersemester 2016


Location : Raumstrategien, T3.01

Number of participants : 0 (0)

Hours/week : 2

Hours : 30