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Mika Satomi

BA/MA Produkt-Design , BA/MA Textil- und Flächendesign eLab

body: extended

Wearable Technology came into our everyday life from the world of science or the world of Science Fiction. The classic idea of Man-Machine Cyborg to cutting edge Google glass, we are surrounded by various ideas and visions about how we could or would embed technology on our body extending our function, ability, aesthetics and socio-cultural environment. But what does it mean to embed technology onto/into our body? What does it enable us? How does it extend our function? And is there any consequences of this extension?

In this project course “body: extended”, we explore the possibility of wearable technology. How our body could be extended with technology? And as a designer and artist how one's vision can be expressed to public through a prototype.
We start with three workshops with the theme of Man-Machine Extension, Aesthetics Extension and Extending Senses. During these workshops, students will be exposed to discussions and hands-on experiments on the topic.

The course will introduce key topics of Cyborg theory, Wearable Technology and Body Aesthetics in contemporary context with examples from various designers, artists and engineers. Students are encouraged to stay analytical about the consequences technology brings to our society and culture. The course challenges the students to develop critical approach to deal with the wearable technology and design its future beyond “just because I can...”.

How do we design, envision and communicate our “body: extended” ?

The course details will be presented on the April 13th from 12:00 at Flughalle as a part of general meeting.

The first meeting of the course will be on the April 20th (Monday) 13:00- at the eLab

Sommersemester 2015

Weekday : Monday 13-17:00, Tuesday 10-13:00

Cycle : Weekly

Location : eLab, C0.05

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