seeKicks - the future is now

What if, ... I see
- my creative practice is agency
- my work could help shape a better society
- ways how to create my future ...

How do I go about figuring out what I would like to do with my future, who can I talk with, what networks can I access, what opportunities are out there - how do I make money from the things I am passionate about or the things I would like to change in the world without going crazy!

We are working on ways to enhance support for professional practice and how to start the journey of building a business - perhaps ones slightly different than the usual suspects we see out there!

You may already know seeUP and Design Farm - and in 2020 KHB won an exciting competition ‘Potential Heben’ from the BMWi as part of its EXIST programme (link - )

This is ‘seeKicks’ - giving us the opportunity to build and expand on this great work, and develop new programmes and partnerships at KHB for students, alumni, researchers to help take steps in your working lives as creative professionals from freelancer to enterprise makers. 

Please reach out to us - with thoughts, questions, ideas on creating your future.
Anastasia Zagorni, Andra Vaida, Birgit Effigner, Joe Lockwood, Sophia Pompery