XR Technologies



In our daily lives we typically interact with two types of realities: The real, tactile and analog world and the second, virtual and screen based reality within it. XR-Technologies open a completely new field of environments by augmenting and mixing these realities and even making possible entirely separate ones. The resulting clash of paradigms is at the core of the research within the XR-Technologies Lab: How do tactile and non-tactile interactions merge and separate and how can we design virtual environments for analog minds?

In 2023, the XR Lab was built and launched by the +dimensions program. The goal of the XR Lab is to assist students and faculty across disciplines with projects in the emerging field of XR, including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

The XR Lab provides multiple high-powered computer stations, VR headsets, tablets, and other necessary components to support student project and research development. A rental system offers further support for exhibitions both on and off-site.

XR is a continuously evolving medium with expansive potential. One objective of the workshop is to better equip students with an understanding of XR and the ways in which it can support and complement their careers as designers and artists, ultimately giving them an additional tool in their artistic toolkit to creatively address contemporary challenges in their fields.

More information on the equipement, rentals, software, opening hours and more can be found on the XR Lab's Wiki

Link to available equipment for reseach and rental.


The XR-Lab is located at the side entrance of the Kunsthalle on Gustav-Adolf-Str. 140. The lab is located on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible.

The XR-Lab is open for all XR-related university projects. Projects can be implemented with the help of the workshop lead. It is best to make appointments in person or by e-mailing the workshop lead: robin-rutenberg@kh-berlin.de