The re:lab is a laboratory for sustainable material streams, recycling and upcycling. We seek to offer a variety of services, to collect old but gold material and make them available to students for further projects. Overall, we want to keep the value of already used materials – saving them from the trash.


In the material cube, the material donations from students and the departments are stored and protected from wind and weather. There you will find various materials such as wooden boards and slats, metals, textiles, canvas, foils, felt, papers, frames, glass plates and much more.

Receiving material: You will get the material in the re:lab in exchange for: another material of similar value, a small donation or volunteer work. Each person gets their own index card in our register, where we note down the donations and material purchases. This helps us keep track and you don't have to worry about anything else. A little tip: Donate in advance and have a plus noted on your personal material account, then you can easily get something again spontaneously.

Donate material: We are very happy about material donations! If you are not sure whether your material is suitable for the re:lab, you can always ask us. Just take a photo with a short description and send it to us by email or DM. If you have the material at the university, you can of course just come by with it.

We look forward to your enquiries, wishes and requests. It's best to come during opening hours (Wed. and Fri. 12-14 hrs) or write to us via email relab(at) or by DM @relab_khb.


In the immediate proximity of the material cube, you will find the giveaway shelf for books, clothes, small objects and much more. Everyone can take and give things here at any time. Please help to keep this place tidy and clean!


In the other courtyard between the canteen and the sculpture building you can find the scrap buffet for material that is no longer to be used. There are wire baskets for electronic, metal and wooden scrap. If you are not sure whether a material is still good enough for the re:lab or is actually scrap, you can of course ask us. This way we can prevent good things from ending up in the trash.

Please try to separate your scrap according to material and sort it properly. If your materials are too big for the containers, please dismantle them and try to keep everything tidy. This is important so that no one gets hurt and the scrap buffet can continue to exist.


The re:lab is complemented by the galaxibar, which offers galactic events and drinks irregularly on Wednesday evenings and to special events. The galaxibar is directly next to the material cube and is a student-organised project. You can also plan your event at galaxibar, please make a request via mail, instagram or incom. Everyone is always welcome.


Instagram: relab_khb
Incom: re:lab / galaxi


Tuesday and Friday 12 am – 2 pm and on request