Sommersemester 2012, Kunsthalle

extension extra


Curated by Andrés Galeano


After two years exhibiting the performance art programme Extension Series at Grimmuseum, EXTENSION extra aims to extend its format for this special occasion of Month of Performance Art Berlin, featuring twelve performances by artists coming from eight different countries, four lectures and a three week exhibition of the performance project Kanon 1-12 by Henrik Vestergaard Friis.

Extension Series has regularly invited young and established artists for short residencies to develop new work, introduce them to new audiences and showcase experimental documentation. Each series has been accompanied by lectures about different topics on performance art practices today to create discussion, exchange and research on unconventional methods for documenting and approaching actions, experiences and situations that have already vanished.

EXTENSION extra is taking place at Grimmuseum and at the Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz and embraces practical and theoretical discourse on Performance Art by showcasing a wide range of performance art approaches and a number of unusual ways of working with the basic elements of Performance: space, time and presence.


18. 5. 18:30h. Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz


MPA-B Lectures (Free)

C J Mitchell (UK) - Live Art Development Agency

"There's more to life than books you know, but not much more" - new adventures in Live Art publishing and distribution.

Shannon Cochrane (CAN) – artist / artistic director of FADO, 7a*11d

Performance Festival Performance (Lecture)

Manuel Vason (IT/UK) – artist / performance, photography, collaboration

Becoming an Image

Joan Casellas (ESP) – artist / artistic director of La Muga Caula

Duchamp and the romantic adventure of the action art in the Catalan forest of Alt Emporda


19. 5. 18:30 h. Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz


Performances (Free) Márcio Carvalho (POR) Joan Casellas (ESP) Marc Giloux (FR)* Wilhelm Klotzek (DE) Ellen Friis (DEN) (*Performance starts at 15h. in U-Alexanderplatz)

ein Verleger bei der Veranstaltung Andres Galeano 2.jpg
ein Verleger bei der Veranstaltung Andres Galeano 2.jpg
ein Verleger bei der Veranstaltung von Andres Galeano, Foto: TD
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Performance - Veranstaltung Andres Galeano.jpg
Performance - Veranstaltung Andres Galeano.jpg
Performance - Veranstaltung von Andres Galeano
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