Sommersemester 2010,

Inter-connected Design Thinking

Inter-connected Design Thinking: Your Sustainable Design Stories

Betreuung: TED / Chelsea College of Art and Design, GB

Rebecca Earley, Prof. Kay Politowicz



The TED team will present and host a series of lectures and workshop which will aim to explore materials and eco design concepts that can be applied individually and in combinations to design: these include long/short life design, multifunction, new technologies, ethical production, systems and services design, and design activism. In addition, the reuse of materials (recycling or upcycling) will run as a theme throughout the entire project.


Based on workshops that the TED team developed for a recent AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) research project, these sessions intend to teach the participating students and professional designers how to combine design concepts and approaches to generate their own complete ‘design story’ in the form of an illustrated business plan. The workshops and presentations have been designed to inspire cross discipline practice.

Betreuung Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina, Prof. Susanne Schwarz-Raacke, Prof. Heike Selmer, Prof. Barbara Junge