Wintersemester 2010/11,

Arts in Healthcare: A World View

Guest lecture in English languge with Translation Friday, 11 February, 3pmto 5 pm at Kunsttherapie Berlin, Schönstr. 90, 13086 Berlin.


The use of the arts in healthcare is growing dramatically throughout the world, most especially in the United States where over 50 percent of the hospitals now have arts programming provided by a near equal balance of professional artists and the creative arts therapies. Arts activities span the full range of the arts and take place in hospitals, hospice, therapy, clinics, elder care and community wellbeing.


Naj Wikoff will provide an overview of healthcare, the challenges faced by hospital and healthcare professionals, why they are embracing the arts, what type of arts activities are most popular, and the opportunities for artists and arts therapists in this growing field. His presentation will include many examples of how the arts are being used, and will discuss how professional artists and creative arts therapists can find work in healthcare or establish programs of their own.


Naj Wikoff is president emeritus of the Society for the Arts in Healthcare, the former director of the Healing and the Arts program at the Dartmouth Medical School, and a professional artist. He is the president of Creative Healing Connections, which organizes arts and healing retreats for women with cancer, veterans and other special populations, is the arts coordinator of programs for youth at risk, and is a consultant on the arts to many of the leading hospitals in the United States.

Betreuung Leoni Adams, Prof. Dr. phil. Karin Dannecker