Sommersemester 2009,

Work like a dream

The performances that we create are site specific because they are created to exist in a certain place exhibition space. We took the location in to account while planning and creating the artwork. The development of our work has and will be based on a continuous evaluation of the circumstances surrounding the performances. This assessment of the work reaffirms the initial interest in the act of questioning and offers fruit for the advancement of the technical and conceptual dimensions of the work.

We are using everyday life situation and we want the results to be realistic, giving the illusion of being real. Generally the aesthetic presentation of our work refers to theatre especially to scenography and scenario because it creates the illusion of something being real. The work is created to be exhibited in a particular time and space, attract attention of the audience (communicate). The main aim of the performance is to attract the attention of the audience making the live action noticeable. The work is a happening/event with the aspect of surprise creating a confusion of what art is. By its realistic representation, the performance is questioning the way it is read by the viewer.