Sommersemester 2014, BA/MA Textil- und Material-Design Veranstaltungen

TECX TALK #5 - Manuel Kretzer

Manuel Kretzer "Materials in the Anthropocene"


Di 3.6. 17h, A1.05


Architect & Researcher at CAAD/ETH Zürich / Materiability Research Network / Co-Founder Responsive Design Studio


Manuel Kretzers research aims at the notion of a soft and dynamic architecture with a specific focus on new (smart) material performance. He established the materiability research network, a platform that brings together architects, artists, designers, students, scientists and researchers who share a common fascination with smart, programmable materials and their potential integration into architecture.


Organisation TECX TALKS Prof. Christiane Sauer 

Projekt-Fächer BA/MA Textil- und Material-Design
Manuel Kretzer
Manuel Kretzer

by Manuel Kretzer