Wintersemester 2010/11, Malerei


Video / Installation / Painting

Video / Installation / Malerei


Opening: Fr 15 Oktober 2010, 7 pm

16 - 19. Oktober 2010, 12 - 22


MMX Open Art Venue

Linienstr. 142

Berlin Mitte



with / mit:


Sascha Blume • Carly Fisher • Lola Göller • Constantin Hartenstein • Hideaki Idetsuki • Martin Meyenburg • Alex Neuschäfer • Pete Moran • Sharman Riegger • Julien Rouvroy • Benjamin Rubloff • Betti Scholz • Elmar Vestner • Bastian Vogel


DAS GESCHEHEN will be part of ANTHOLOGY OF OPTIMISM. Come and see a show inside a show!


"Das Geschehen" with:

Olivia Berckemeyer, Thomas Bratzke, Keren Cytter, Mariechen Danz, Stefan Demming, Urania Fasoulidou, Wolfgang Fütterer, Metze Görig, Alexander Hick,Nina Hoffmann, Marcel Hüppauff, Klaus Jörres, Florian Markl,Alexander Neuschäfer, Nik Nowak, Fabian Knecht, Martin Kohout, Caroline Pekle, Julien Rouvroy, Phillipp Schwalb, Moritz Stumm, Max Stocklosa, Alexandros Tsioris, Ute Waldhausen


What went wrong with ‘the future’? How did ‘tomorrow’ lose its promise? What happened to the endless possibilities and solutions it once represented to our grandparents? And why is what has not yet happened being handled with so much precaution and skepticism nowadays?


Drawing on broad ranging perspectives, the exhibition will seek to provide a critical view of the possibilities and shortcomings of once-dreamt utopian totalities. By exploring what relevance these past imaginings of the future hold for current notions of progress, it will also expose our own ideas of what is yet to come.


The exhibition venue, the MMX, offers 1000sqm of floor space plus surrounding gardens to examine the topic at hand. The area is one of the last untouched, unrenovated buildings on Linienstrasse in Mitte. With its intimate front yard, labyrinthine layout of gallery rooms and back courtyard, the MMX provides a unique backdrop to this unusual exhibition.




The exhibition’s title is taken from "An Anthology of Optimism", a performance by

Pieter de Buysser and Jacob Wren.


It is organised and curated by La Chose, a project-based artist collective established in 2009.




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