Wintersemester 2021/2022, BA/MA Textil- und Material-Design Exzellenzcluster

MoA Jahrestagung TIPPING POINT

This year's MoA Annual Conference is all about matter in motion. We will discuss transition and contingency, processes of acquiring and losing form, and the creative potential of the unfinished and indeterminate.


We live, create and act in a time of tipping points. On a planetary scale, the tipping point is understood as an abrupt and irreversible change that is causing the Earth´s climate and other systems to fall out of their stable state. Such transitional phenomena are particularly significant in climate research, but no less in material, biological, anthropological and aesthetic contexts.


Beyond »points of no return«, the focus of the conference is on multi-stable, ambivalent and dynamic constellations: from adaptive processes of bacterial growth over fluid structures to plasticity in architecture, ongoing Cluster projects will be presented in 13 lectures and virtual lab tours. Between the ambiguities of image and language and the unpredictability of scientific modeling, various tipping points will be explored down a range of emerging interdisciplinary and methodological avenues.


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Project subjects BA/MA Textil- und Material-Design