Sommersemester 2021, Bildhauerei Medienwerkstatt/ Freie Kunst , Bildhauerei_Startseite , theorie_geschichte_forschung


The restrictions by the CORONA RULES may be a great problem, but a superb challenge to discover new territories of the creative side! Especially as the amount of scholars that can book into the weaving studio facilities is that much limited. Anyway this Limitation may just be a reflection of our own limited mind, it was already before these new rules started. The art of weaving is that much hidden behind closed doors. We excuse this situation by the size of the immobile loom, but we forgot the roots. But weaving without its roots has lost its sense, even we declare new ones. The Loin Loom Lab wants to give you a hint of the great possibility to get the weaving process onto the public space. Basics are simple, on top there plenty of possibilities for each ones individuality. Join the bushweaver movements! Meet us at Sunday AfterLOOM and/or follow the Loin Loom Lab of Mac & Magic Loom Design on YouTube.

Supervision Charlotte Groeger, Berndt Wilde, Prof. Dr. Samson Dietrich Sauerbier
Project categoryInformation Project subjects Bildhauerei
Oval Officer Bam Bini

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