Sommersemester 2021, BA/MA Produkt-Design Internationales

MA * GES - a new digital body language for the world

Mages is an Ultratool focused on enriching social interactions whilst defining a digital body language to mediate us and our ultratools.


Our new language is one which is created, curated and refined everyday as people interact with one another. Eventually we see this language becoming common for controlling the world of IoT around us and our digital interfaces.


Using the tools of modular hardware, citizen science and machine learning, we are able to cater for all groups of people, adapting to any body and ability. Our goal is to empower people to digitally communicate the way they want to - not the way they are told to.



Imperial College London & Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee


Team 2 Ryan McClure, Tian Dong, Ahad Mahmood & Natalie Preuß

Participants Natalie Marie Preuß
Project categorySemester Project Project subjects BA/MA Produkt-Design

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