Sommersemester 2020, BA/MA Produkt-Design eLab


SÜDSEITE conveys the feeling of a sunny window and acts at the same time as a visual protection.

Living space in big cities is getting less, the rooms smaller and darker. If your room is in the good position to face south, you can expect sun from the afternoon to the evening. If it’s towards north, there probably won’t be any sun at any time. Often a variety of lamps are used to light up dark rooms and to replace the lack of daylight. SÜDSEITE is a solution that reinterprets the window as a classic light source and creates a fusion between daylight and artificial light. Thus it becomes part of the room and

not noticeable as an object. So even in small spaces SÜDSEITE creates the possibility to integrate an inconspicuous, but large light source.


Its delicate suspension consists of stainless steel wires, which makes the white oiled beech rods seem to float in front of the window.

LEDs are located at a aluminium u- Profile on the upper socket, whereas the lower round rod is used to weight down the cotton curtain.

Sewed together at it ends, the translucent cotton creates a loop out of thin woven cotton.

Supervision Prof. Carola Zwick, Felix Groll, Thomas Ness, Hanna Wiesener
Project categorySemester Project Project subjects BA/MA Produkt-Design