Sommersemester 2017,

Alternative for Weißensee

A Joint Quest for Common Grounds


'Alternative für Weißensee' wrote Simon Martin on a window of the KUNSTHALLE to initiate a good neighbourhood instead of right-wing populist division. This is crucial as the AfD became the strongest party in the area of the KUNSTHALLE.


'Tour of the near East' calls Yeshe Neumann a scouting expedition into the neighbourhood, and discovers that we only know very little of each other.


Was it all better in the old days? 'We will see us yesterday' offers an insight into old photo albums. And not only the old residents of Weißensee see the situation critically. The new ones face difficulties, too. The Performance of Sajan Mani, Tereza Yakovina and Lena Richter sheds light on the dramatic living conditions to be able to study and work in Weißensee.


Can we learn from each other and find solidarity?


The opening art performance of Franziska Pierwoss stages a neighbourhood soup kitchen. Let's cook, eat and come together!