Sommersemester 2016, BA/MA Visuelle Kommunikation

Be the chronicler

Which elements of your life do you tell people about in order to show yourself as the person you want them to see? What things do you choose to omit from your descriptions and stories? Which experiences or events have you allowed yourself to displace? Do you think it is possible to describe yourself accurately if you choose to tell people only the things you consider to be important in your life? How would you describe your city, your country, your entourage and your shared history? How is your own description consistent with that of others? Can you, can we, as people be part of the present if we do not know and thus tell the whole story? Now, in this present moment, it is important that we record our stories and I will ensure that you and I, and we remember now. Describe the atmosphere, in the present, now. What can you smell? Who is surrounding you? What is your relationship to them? What are you experiencing? What are you thinking? You write the story. We write the story. Only by being able to quote every moment, every now, we can be redeemed people.

Inspired by Walter Benjamin, On the Concept of History III

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