Sommersemester 2016,

Ausstellung local international 15/16

local international 15/16

Exhibition 21 - 27 April 2016 daily, 3 - 6 pm at Kunsthalle Berlin



The local international team would like to invite you to our Vernissage

at Kunsthalle Berlin on the 20th of April 2016, 6 pm.


local international is a German-Bangladeshi exchange project for fashion design students aiming to raise awareness for sustainability, participation and fair trade within the fashion industry. Goethe-Institut Bangladesh and the two Berlin Art Universities, weißensee academy of art berlin (weißensee) and Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) together with BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT) are establishing a network for international fashion design projects for students of fashion design in Berlin and Dhaka. The project started in 2014


The second local international exchange project started in October 2015 with an excursion to Berlin: The 8 participants from Dhaka visited their Berlin colleagues for the kick-off workshops in Berlin and met key figures in the area of sustainable fashion, visited the studios of young berlin designers and sustainable fashion labels. In November 2015, the 14 participants from Berlin visited their Bangladeshi partners in Dhaka. In addition to workshops about sustainable fashion design, the group visited NGOs who promote fair working conditions within the textile industry and or who are specialized in crafts and artisanal textile production, such as the art of indigo dyeing.


Following their research visits, all participants worked on their individual projects, developing new creative design approaches within the area of sustainability, inspired by their experiences gathered in the local international workshops and journey. The results of local International 15/16 will be presented from 20th April in Kunsthalle Berlin.

In October 2016, the exhibition will travel to Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Prof. Heike Selmer, Prof. Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen, Prof. Philipp Rupp, Md. Shamsad Hasnine and the local international team would be honored by your presence.

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