Summer Semester 2010,


In the manufacturing process of clothing approximately 10-20% of the material 55 is discarded as remnant waste. Is it possible to prevent these piles of waste and is there a way to utilize these elaborately produced textiles according to their value?

Katharina Thiel’s designs are based on the zero-waste concept. Her aim was to create a product that would not create any waste in its production process and to design within new parameters: Based on the geometrical base elements of the ancient game of Tangram, Katharina Thiel created a line of clothing in unique shapes, which do not create any waste during production. In addition to the manufactu- red collection, Katharina Thiel constructed paper patterns, which are available in an open source system. A self made, individually modified garment intensifies the individual relationship to the wearer’s wardrobe and exemplifies the work and value that a piece of clothing represents thus promoting an awareness in our discourse with fashion.

Katharina Thiel’s passion for innovative pattern cutting and unusual solutions finds effective use in her continuous development of ANOTHER FRAME, a zero-waste-pro- ject. The designer’s aim is to create an alternative to the current fashion industry and to develop forward thinking fashion with an ecological conscience.


Supervision Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina, Prof. Susanne Schwarz-Raacke, Prof. Heike Selmer
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