In the summer semester 2016, weißensee academy of art berlin has established the *foundationClass for refugees. The class is for refugees and asylum seekers who had planned to start studying art or design in their home countries, already started such a degree program, or who plan to switch into such a degree program. Every course of the programme is currently planned for one semester and will provide the foundations for applying at a German art academy. It offers the possibility to create or reconstruct lost portfolios, documents and materials, which would enable the participants to apply for the annual artistic aptitude tests.

The basic idea of the *foundation class is to offer the infrastructure of the academy, including its facilities, such as workshops and further work places and to enable the contact with other students and teachers. The goal is to prepare the interested college transfer students or beginners for the artistic aptitude test for an admission to an art or design academy. Building on the ideas and visions, needs and experiences of the participants, they thus gain the possibility to attempt self-determined study.

The *foundationClass hopes to create an environment in which all of the participants' resources are being validated, and where new formats of skill sharing and knowledge transfer may be developed.

Ultimately the *foundationClass provides an opportunity for weißensee art academy to generate a new perception of itself as an educational arts institution.

The course is organized within weißensee academy of art by the Department of Artistic Foundations, and will be directed by Professor Ulf Aminde.

Teaching as lecturers in the different theory, art and design disciplines during the summer semester are:

Theory and History: Lena Prents

Photography and Video/Digital Media: Azin Feizabadi

Drawing and Printmaking: Marina Naprushkina

Graphic, Product, and Textile Design: Ali Mahmoud

Painting: Nasser Hussein

3-Dimensional, Spacial and Installation-Based Design: Ali Kaaf