Sommersemester 2017, Theorie und Geschichte


The Bauhaus monument in Bernau-Waldfrieden – world famous Trade Union School – provides the starting point to examine the question of universal form, tradition, and heritage. In artistic dialogues, materials, forms, and compositions will be produced, discussed, elaborated, and presented. The architecture of the Bauhaus monument, which is located within walking distance from two shelters and two schools, provides the first common impulse for Connections.


Which new forms, colours, and materials of objects fashioned by ourselves will we create within an intercultural dialogue? How do we interrogate the Bauhaus, tradition, and heritage? Handicrafts (glass and textile arts, instrument construction, photography, graphic design) form the basis as a means of expression and communication for us: the participating children, teenagers, their families, students and artists with different social and cultural backgrounds from the emergency shelters in Bernau, the OSZ Barnim and the Barnim Gymnasium – assisted by artists, teachers and researchers from various disciplines: fine art, sculpture, design, glassblowing – and building a new Furnace, music and creating new instruments, education, social sciences, textile and surface design.


The project is being researched in the sense of action research – a concept in which research is participating in processes of social change and makes systematic use of participation as means of inquiry.


Co-working Artists and Researchers:

Rula Ali, Sculptor

Nabil Arbaain, Musician and Componist

Nadania Idriss, William Faulkner, Jesse Gunther, Sadhbh Mowlds, Kate Nixon – Artists Berlin Glas

Lisa-Joana Klinkhammer – Musician

Malu Lücking – student department Textile Design Art Academy weißensee

Annika Niemann – Artmediator

Allegra Santis – student department Design and Curating Academy of Art The Hague, The Netherlands,


With children, teenagers, students, teachers and their families from the following institutions:

Barnim Gymnasium, supervised by Thomas Kentzler, teacher of visual arts and German Emergency shelters 1 and 2 Bernau run by EJF, supervised by Mrs Jagelle, social worker, Jörg Kramer, social worker

OSZ Barnim, supervised by Mrs Kopp, vice principal, Mrs. Brunnett and Mrs. Szukalski


Supported by the following institutions and individuals:

Sommerschool Bernau

Galerie Bernau, Christine Fritsch and Karsten Hein (management of the association), Judith Klage, director of the gallery

Berlin Glas e.V., Nadania Idriss (director)

Gyalpa e.V., Lanna Idriss (director)

Handwerkskammer: Bernau BiZWA

ifa Galerie Berlin, Alya Sebti, curator

KW Institute for Contemporary Art: Katja Zeidler, public relations and education and Maurin Dietrich, assistant curator

Weißensee Art Academy Berlin: students at the departments Spatial strategies and Textile and surface design


Instagram: @bauhausbernau


Facilitated by: Arts open Worlds (Künste öffnen Welten) Alliances at a local level between culture, social partners and schools supported by the Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung e.V. (BKJ) as programme partner of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) – Culture empowers.

Teilnehmer Malu Lücking
Betreuung Prof. Dr. Mona Jas
ProjektkategorieProjekt Projekt-Fächer Theorie und Geschichte