Summer Semester 2010, BA/MA Visual Communication GreenLab



A documentary magazine of the multidisciplinary semester project GreenDesign 1.0 (incorporating Fashion, Textile and Surface Design, Product Design and Visual Communication).

A series of interesting works by Miriam Chouaib, Isabelle Dechamps & Ixmucane Aguilar, Diana Dorfmüller, Mariana Giraldo, Laura Junger & Xaver Böhm, Alexandra Pawlik alias Olga Uwaga, Julian Gerau, Ulrike Böttcher, Lisa Haag & Nadine Göpfert, Eulalia Rovaria, Sandra Ridel, Veronika Aumann, Katharina Thiel, Stefanie Mittmann, Michael Ross, Ebba Fransen-Waldhör & Selina Reiterer, Maria Koch, Carmen Panizzo, Juliane Schäfer, Eva Lynn Haberl.

Illustrated with drawings made at the symposium and the following exhibit at the „Haus der Kulturen der Welt” (Berlin’s cultural art center) on April 7th and 8th 2010.

Sticker (perforated paper coated with gum arabic) and a self-test to determine one’s own more or less designed green lifestyle, as well as a few illustrated catch phrases enhance the publication. The cover doubles as a poster, while the paper it was printed on is recycled and/or donated.



Participants Monja Gentschow, Josefine Heininger
Project categorySemester Project Project subjects BA/MA Visual Communication